New releases: Bonecrusher, 2x Live at Spontaneous Music Festival, +Q

A whole bunch of new recordings are out now!

Bonecrusher, the 10-trombones-2-percussionists ensemble of Matthias Muche is out now on Col-legno => details

Two from last year’s edition of the Spontaneous Music Festival in Poznan, Poland, as part of the Spontaneous Live Series:
#006 with a quartet and a trio feat. El Pricto – as, Vasco Trilla – perc, Wojtek Kurek – perc, Witold Oleszak – p, Jasper Stadhouders – git/mandolin => details
#008 El Pricto’s Degenerative Spontaneous Orchestra => details

And during this year’s Spontaneous Music Festival I had the pleasure to record with the great bassclarinet player Michał Giżycki => details