Aural Accidentals – Tape Release and Tour

Aural Accidentals by Matthias Müller – Paweł Doskocz – Emilio Gordoa

During the 5th edition of the Spontaneous Music Festival in the Dragon Club in Poznań, the lineup was dominant by ad hoc groups of improvising musicians, who met each other on the stage for the first time.

On Sunday evening, the last day of the event, in the darkness of the dimmed lights three brave improvisers decided to make their primal journey. Matthias Müller, a trombonist from Berlin, brought a lot of musical experience and skills, one of them exceptionally valuable – a gigantic ability to build long, brass phrases that seem to have no typical beginning or definite end. Two of his much younger colleagues – Paweł Doskocz, a guitarist from Poznań and Emilio Gordoa, an electroacoustic multi-instrumentalist, also from the Berlin – added a tendency of footloose experimentations, characteristic for both young and great artists.

Their journey had its own rhythm, created by percussive electronics and guitar repetitions, it had a brassy massiveness and a charming, surprisingly matte beauty of the background ambient. During the concert, which lasted less than two quarters, the artists imbued the narrative with a lots of sonic surprises – it was like a „fake sounds“ festival, a river of sounds which origin we were not been able to point precisely. And their collective stream of music was ended by birds singing and a few second of silence, which took the unfinished sonic experiments in a bracket, creating a truly dark confusion in the listeners‘ heads.

–Andrzej Nowak

Spontaneous Music Tribune / Trybuna Muzyki Spontanicznej

released April 7, 2023

Matthias Müller – trombone
Paweł Doskocz – electric guitar
Emilio Gordoa – snare drum, electronics

Recorded by Bartek Olszewski, 3rd October 2021 during the 5th Spontaneous Music Festival at Dragon Social Club (Poznań / Poland).

Mixed and mastered by Filip Kłobukowski

Cover photo by Emilio Gordoa


Release Tour 2023

11.04. Prague // Punctum – KrásovkaSonitus x Wakushoppu: Josten Myburgh (Another Timbre, Wandelweiser) + Matthias Müller / Pawel Doskocz / Emilio Gordoa

12.04. Brno // PONAVA – Matthias Müller / Pawel Doskocz / Emilio Gordoa + FREE FORMS #7

13.04. Bratislava // T3Matthias Müller / Paweł Doskocz / Emilio Gordoa @T3

14.04. Ostrava // Rock Hill music clubKvadrata Supro ● Matthias Müller / Pawel Doskocz / Emilio Gordoa

15.04. Katowice // Katowice Miasto OgrodówMHL!: #6 | Aural Accidentals | Matthias Müller / Pawel Doskocz / Emilio Gordoa