The Pitch & Splitter Orchester

Frozen Orchestra (Splitter)
The third release of the 24-piece Splitter Orchester is, like its predecessors, a collaboration. This time they team up with the The Pitch, a quartet consisting to 3/4 out of Splitter Orchester-members. „Frozen Orchestra (Splitter)“ is their latest compositional effort in translating the quartet’s language to a large format ensemble utilizing the sensibilites and possibilites of Splitter Orchester’s electro-acoustic instrumentation. „Frozen“ thereby indicates a very slowly moving field of harmonic relationships consisting of so-called pitch sets, which are augmented by noise sets, that is, non-periodic sounds organized in equivalent relationships. The score guides the group through various defined states of frozen surfaces where each player makes individual choices from a set of intervals or noises and thus constantly shifts harmonic weight and textural quality. In the multicoloured sound of Splitter Orchester, the planar drones receive an iridescent depth. Monochromatic fields of sound grow out of the continuum, its steady flow letting them vary almost unnoticeably.















CATALOG: mikroton cd 61
RELEASE: April 2018
Koen Nutters double bass
Boris Baltschun electric pump organ
Morten J. Olsen vibraphone, percussion
Michael Thieke clarinet
Burkhard Beins percussion
Anthea Caddy cello
Anat Cohavi bass clarinet
Axel Dörner trumpet
Kai Fagaschinski clarinet
Robin Hayward microtonal tuba
Steve Heather percussion
Chris Heenan bass clarinet
Mike Majkowski double bass
Matthias Müller trombone
Magda Mayas clavinet
Andrea Neumann inside piano, mixing board
Simon James Phillips piano
Julia Reidy guitar
Ignaz Schick turntables, oscillators, electronics
Mario de Vega objects, electronics
Sabine Vogel flutes
Biliana Voutchkova violin
Marta Zapparoli tape recorders, reel to reel tape machine
Splitter Orchester is managed by Patrick Klingenschmitt
Mixed by Boris Baltschun & Morten J. Olsen
Mastered by Mike Grinser / Manmademastering
Recording Engineers Richard König and Roy Carroll
Recorded at studiobörne45, December 12-13, 2017
Executive Producer Kurt Liedwart
Cover design Kurt Liedwart
Photo Uta Neumann /