photo Günter Horn

Bishop / Müller / Muche

Jeb Bishop – trombone
Matthias Müller – trombone
Matthias Muche – trombone


This trio of trombonists Jeb Bishop, Matthias Müller und Matthias Muche plays music that ranges from sound-sculpture noise drones to walls-of-Jericho-collapsing blasts to delicate webs of air and tone, resonating overtones with layered articulations. Pushing the acoustic properties of the instrument and the physicality of the players to their limits and beyond, the musicians put their archaic contraption through the bone mill, pulverizing it, sublimating it, and breathing new life into it, all in the spirit of Vinko Globokar’s remark that a musical instrument is not a sacrosanct object, but merely an extension of the body.











From A to B, 2022

Celebrate the trombone. This recording is that celebration: a celebration of the sound and possibilities of the instrument. And this is a glorious document of the kind of people that understand what the trombone is: absorbing and shocking; technical and transcendent; radical and human. 
– from the liner notes of Nate Wooley



Konzert für Hannes, 2017
Not Two Records

The music presented here was originally supposed to have been a quartet concert, including Johannes („Hannes“) Bauer in addition to the three of us. Matthias Muche and Jeb Bishop had played together some months before in the Spinifex Maximus project, and Matthias Müller and Jeb had met a few years previously when Jeb was in Berlin for a visit. Muche and Müller had an existing duo, „MM2 Session“, and the idea was to add the „JB2“ duo of Hannes and Jeb to make a quartet, „MM2 + JB2“. 
When we planned the concert, we knew already that Hannes’s health was declining, but we were all hopeful that it could happen nonetheless. Sadly, not long beforehand he let us know that he would not be able to be a part of this performance. 
As it turned out, the day of his passing, May 6th, 2016, was the date of the concert. So, of course, we dedicated the concert that evening to him, his memory, and his music. 
And this recording of that performance is thus also dedicated to the memory of our colleague and friend, Johannes Bauer, a great trombonist and one of the most distinctive voices in improvised music. 
— Matthias Muche / Matthias Müller / Jeb Bishop



Tour 2019

23.08. BE-Antwerp, Summer Bummer Festival
30.08. FR-Mulhouse, Météo Festival
31.08. NL-Groningen, Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour
01.09. NL-Amsterdam, De Roze Tanker
03.09. DE-Troisdorf, Kunsthaus
04.09. NO-Trondheim, Fri Form
05.09. SI-Ljubljana, Klub Gromka
11.09. SW-Gothenburg, Brötz
12.09. SW-Halmstad
13.09. DE-Berlin, Jazzkeller69/Aufsturz
14.09. DE-Bochum, Museum

Tour 2022

08.09. DE-Essen, Free Essen Festival
10.09. DE-Peitz, Jazzwerkstatt Festival
13.09. BE-Antwerp, Klankhaven
16.09. SI-Brda, Contemporary Music Festival
17.09. FR-Jeandelize, Musique en Mouvement
18.09. DE-Wuppertal, Ort

Tour 2023 – USA

09.10. US-Boston, Goethe Institut/Non-Event
10.10. US-Brooklyn, Soup & Sound
11.10. US-Pittsburgh, Bantha Tea Bar
12.10. US-Cleveland, Uncommon Sound Project
13.10. US-Detroit, Trinosophes
14.10. US-Madison, Audio for the Arts/BlueStem Jazz
15.10. US-Milwaukee, Sugar Maple
20.10. US-Chicago, Constellation